Stark County Humane Society Rebrand

Window Decal of SCHS Logo
Brand Identity | Stark County Humane Society
SCHS Invoice
Project: Stark County Humane Society Brand Identity
Class: Corporate ID
Professor: Brittyn Dewerth
Date: Fall 2021
  • Redesigned Logo
  • Letterhead
  • Business Card
  • Envelope
  • Invoice
  • Web Home & Interior Page for Desktop & Mobile
  • HTML Email & Landing Page
  • Ad Campaign Series for Print & Social Media
  • Minimum of 3 Extra Build Out Items
  • Brand Guide
Objective: To rebrand the Stark County Humane Society to create a successful, unique, and cohesive brand.

Description: Stark County Humane Society is a non-profit that shelters cats & dogs. By using modern but friendly elements, SCHS is brought to life and will encourage more donors, volunteers, and adopters to support them.
SCHS Bus Stop Advertisement
SCHS Bus Stop Advertisement
SCHS Volunteer Shirt Front
SCHS Volunteer Shirt Back
SCHS Social Media Series of Ads
SCHS HTML Email, Landing Page, and Adoption Interior Page
SCHS Home Web Page View Desktop and Mobile
SCHS Magazine Ad
SCHS Pet Bowl
SCHS Pet Bandana
SCHS Keychain

Dapper Stag

3 Different Dapper Stag Items
Diverse Forms Packaging | Dapper Stag Men’s Hygiene Line
Dapper Stag Tube
Project: Diverse Forms Packaging
Class: Packaging
Professor: John Morrison
Date: Fall 2021
  • 3 Fully Designed Form Variations
  • Mock Up Photos
Objective: To design men’s hygienic products for Dapper Stag Co. that sells in higher end locations, like Bath and Body Works.

Description: Dapper Stag Co. uses a traditionally masculine approach using dark colors and a bold typeface. Pulling from antique logos, barbershops, and male-focused interior design for style and color.
Dapper Stag Shower Gel
Dapper Stag Deodorant
Dapper Stag Lotion and Shower Gel

Chevrolet Self Mailer

Side A of Chevy Self Mailer
Self-Mailer | Chevrolet Silverado
Side B of Chevy Self-Mailer
Project: Chevrolet Self-Mailer
Class: Type IV
Professor: Brittyn Dewerth
Date: Spring 2021
  • A 2 PMS-Self Mailer
Objective: To promote the Chevrolet brand and boost the sales of Chevrolet’s Silverado.

Description: This self-mailer uses classic Chevy colors and images to promote sales of the Chevrolet Silverado. The design creates a response from viewers of pride and need for a well-made American vehicle. The design comes across as minimalist and traditionally masculine.
Chevy Self-Mailer Folded Front
Chevy Self-Mailer Staged
Chevy Self-Mailer Folded Back

Noodle Head Pasta Boxes

3 Noodle Head Pasta Boxes
Pasta Box Redesign | Noodle Head Pasta
Project: Pasta Box Redesign
Class: Packaging
Professor: John Morrison
Date: Fall 2021
  • 3 fully designed pasta boxes with variation
  • Mock up photos
Objective: To design pasta boxes for Noodle Head that stand out on the shelf and encourage new customers to take home a box of Noodle Head Pasta.

Description: Noodle Head pasta is a playful brand aimed at 18-25 year old customers. The brand is looking to create an affordable, nutritious pasta for younger adults to dive into cooking. By using a playful approach with bold colors and fun illustrations Noodle Head is more approachable to younger people.
Bowtie Pattern Illustration
Rotini Pattern Illustration
Penne Pattern Illustration

GLAAD Campaign

3 Enamel Pins
GLAAD Campaign | Transgender Rights
Skeleton Poster
Project: GLAAD Campaign
Class: Typography III
Professor: Brittyn Dewerth
Date: Fall 2020
  • Poster
  • 3 Full Page Magazine Ads
  • Website Landing Page
  • Public Transportation Application
  • 1 Item of Choice
Objective: To educate the public on the struggles of transgender people and inform them on how to make a difference.

Description: This campaign uses a limited color palette of colors from the transgender flag and illustrations of the skeleton to portray the message of “Respect Lives, Choose Kindness.” Using factual information to educate the public of the discrimination and struggles transgender people face everyday.
Reader's Digest Mock Up
Southern Living Mock Up
Guns & Ammo Mock Up
Choose Kindness Website Landing Page
Skeleton Car Decal
Skeleton Hand
Water Bottle
Dad Hat

Hard Rock Cafe

Menu Redesign by Chance | Hard Rock Cafe
Hard Rock Cafe ticket souvenir
Project: Menu Redesign by Chance
Class: Type IV
Professor: Brittyn Dewerth
Date: Spring 2021
  • Full Menu Design
  • 3 Support Items
Design by Chance Parameters:
  • A Cafe
  • 3 PMS Colors
  • Incorporating a Die Cut
  • Large-scale Application
Objective: To create an interesting, interactive design solution for the Hard Rock Cafe’s menu.

Description: Using only 3 PMS colors to create a rock and roll feel, and using typography that pairs well and has vintage character.
Vinyl Record Drink Menu
Kids Menu
Hard Rock Cafe Patch on jean jacket
Hard Rock Cafe lanyard
Hard Rock Cafe coasters
Hard Rock Cafe glass
Hard Rock Cafe neon light

Dunlop Guitar Pick Packaging

Dunlop Guitar Pick Packaging
Minimalist Packaging | Dunlop Guitar Picks
Guitar Pick Packaging
Project: Minimalist & Eco-Friendly Packaging
Class: Packaging Design
Professor: John Morrison
Date: Fall 2021
  • Unique Packaging Form
  • Color Compositions of Forms (mock ups)
Objective: To take Dunlop’s original packaging and redesign it to be more sustainable in material and form, while keeping a minimal design.

Description: Dunlop guitar picks are widely recognizable by the bright rainbow colors. This packaging form takes the plastic and waste out, being made from just cardboard makes it completely recycleable. It is also easy to pick out hanging on shelves.

Soprema Rebrand

Soprema Stationary
Brand Identity | Soprema Roofing and Waterproofing
Project: Soprema Brand Identity
Class: Corporate ID
Professor: Brittyn Dewerth
Date: Fall 2021
  • Redesigned Logo
  • Envelope Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Letterhead Design
Objective: To create a unique brand identity for Soprema that reflects the company.

Description: The new Soprema logo uses blues to reflect water, as they are a waterproofing company. The segments of the S are meant to reflect shingles because Soprema is also a roofing company. The stationary build out reflects the new brand, mimicking the angles and colors.


App Spread
App Design | Althentic Music Listening App
App Mock Up
Project: App Design
Class: UI/UX Design
Professor: Anthony Samangy
Date: Spring 2021
  • Fully Designed Application
  • Invision Prototype
  • Presentation Sample
Objective: Creating an easy-to-use interface, allowing user to discover and listen to new and upcoming artist.

Description: Althentic focuses on giving users a way to avoid mainstream music and having a completely custom session every time. Users will have personalized playlist, and be able to create playlist. Discovering new music and artist will be easier than ever, plus listeners will be able to interact with artist and purchase merchandise through the app.

Informational Kiosk

Entrance of Bradbury Thompson Kiosk
Informational Kiosk | Bradbury Thompson
Project: Informational Kiosk
Class: Advanced Graphic Design
Professor: Bob Kelemen
Date: Spring 2022
  • Original Kiosk Form
  • Flat Design of Kiosk Surfaces
  • 3D Rendering of Kiosk
  • Elevation Views of Kiosk
Objective: To create an interesting space inspired by Bradbury Thompson using a minimum of 3 rectilinear forms.

Description: The focus of this kiosk was typography: how it interacts with type and the layout and grid structure of the kiosk. The design is inspired by Thompson by using whitespace and CMYK. The kiosk focuses on his work in Westvaco and showcases this with information on Thompson and Westvaco.
View of Kiosk
View of Kiosk
View of Kiosk
View of Kiosk
View of Kiosk
View of Kiosk

New Yorker Cover

Illustration Flyer
New Yorker Illustration | We’re All The Same Beneath the Surface
New Yorker Poster
Project: New Yorker Cover Illustration
Class: Illustration
Professor: Kristina Gauer
Date: Fall 2021
  • 7 7/8 x 10 3/4 300 DPI Image
  • Animated Gif Version
Objective: To design and illustrate a cover for the New Yorker magazine that portrays a message that relates to the audience in some way.

Description: Individuals who are transgender struggle with discrimination and hate every day throughout the world. This illustration speaks on how everyone is the same underneath; we are all human, flesh and bones. Using a limited color palette and purposeful lighting creates the feeling of dismality. This is meant to make people think of what it may be like to be pursuing your true identity and to be discriminated against for it; hoping one day everyone will realize we are all the same beneath the surface.
Gift Card for The New Yorker
New Yorker Tote Bag

Starbucks Annual Report

Multiple Views of Starbucks Annual Report
Annual Report | Starbucks
Starbucks Annual Report Cover
Project: Starbucks Annual Report
Class: Typography IV
Professor: Brittyn Dewerth
Date: Spring 2021
  • Multiple Spreads of Unique Content
  • Spreads Set into Mock Up Photos
Objective: To design an annual report for Starbucks that fits within the brand and incorporates illustration/photography, type, and graphs and tables.

Description: An annual report that reflects the Starbucks brand by using similar font, brand colors, and illustration.
Starbucks Table Interior Pages
Starbucks Interior Pages