Illustration Flyer
New Yorker Illustration | We’re All The Same Beneath the Surface
New Yorker Poster
Project: New Yorker Cover Illustration
Class: Illustration
Professor: Kristina Gauer
Date: Fall 2021
  • 7 7/8 x 10 3/4 300 DPI Image
  • Animated Gif Version
Objective: To design and illustrate a cover for the New Yorker magazine that portrays a message that relates to the audience in some way.

Description: Individuals who are transgender struggle with discrimination and hate every day throughout the world. This illustration speaks on how everyone is the same underneath; we are all human, flesh and bones. Using a limited color palette and purposeful lighting creates the feeling of dismality. This is meant to make people think of what it may be like to be pursuing your true identity and to be discriminated against for it; hoping one day everyone will realize we are all the same beneath the surface.
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