Entrance of Bradbury Thompson Kiosk
Informational Kiosk | Bradbury Thompson
Project: Informational Kiosk
Class: Advanced Graphic Design
Professor: Bob Kelemen
Date: Spring 2022
  • Original Kiosk Form
  • Flat Design of Kiosk Surfaces
  • 3D Rendering of Kiosk
  • Elevation Views of Kiosk
Objective: To create an interesting space inspired by Bradbury Thompson using a minimum of 3 rectilinear forms.

Description: The focus of this kiosk was typography: how it interacts with type and the layout and grid structure of the kiosk. The design is inspired by Thompson by using whitespace and CMYK. The kiosk focuses on his work in Westvaco and showcases this with information on Thompson and Westvaco.
View of Kiosk
View of Kiosk
View of Kiosk
View of Kiosk
View of Kiosk
View of Kiosk