3 Different Dapper Stag Items
Diverse Forms Packaging | Dapper Stag Men’s Hygiene Line
Dapper Stag Tube
Project: Diverse Forms Packaging
Class: Packaging
Professor: John Morrison
Date: Fall 2021
  • 3 Fully Designed Form Variations
  • Mock Up Photos
Objective: To design men’s hygienic products for Dapper Stag Co. that sells in higher end locations, like Bath and Body Works.

Description: Dapper Stag Co. uses a traditionally masculine approach using dark colors and a bold typeface. Pulling from antique logos, barbershops, and male-focused interior design for style and color.
Dapper Stag Shower Gel
Dapper Stag Deodorant
Dapper Stag Lotion and Shower Gel