Side A of Chevy Self Mailer
Self-Mailer | Chevrolet Silverado
Side B of Chevy Self-Mailer
Project: Chevrolet Self-Mailer
Class: Type IV
Professor: Brittyn Dewerth
Date: Spring 2021
  • A 2 PMS-Self Mailer
Objective: To promote the Chevrolet brand and boost the sales of Chevrolet’s Silverado.

Description: This self-mailer uses classic Chevy colors and images to promote sales of the Chevrolet Silverado. The design creates a response from viewers of pride and need for a well-made American vehicle. The design comes across as minimalist and traditionally masculine.
Chevy Self-Mailer Folded Front
Chevy Self-Mailer Staged
Chevy Self-Mailer Folded Back