3 Noodle Head Pasta Boxes
Pasta Box Redesign | Noodle Head Pasta
Project: Pasta Box Redesign
Class: Packaging
Professor: John Morrison
Date: Fall 2021
  • 3 fully designed pasta boxes with variation
  • Mock up photos
Objective: To design pasta boxes for Noodle Head that stand out on the shelf and encourage new customers to take home a box of Noodle Head Pasta.

Description: Noodle Head pasta is a playful brand aimed at 18-25 year old customers. The brand is looking to create an affordable, nutritious pasta for younger adults to dive into cooking. By using a playful approach with bold colors and fun illustrations Noodle Head is more approachable to younger people.
Bowtie Pattern Illustration
Rotini Pattern Illustration
Penne Pattern Illustration