Menu Redesign by Chance | Hard Rock Cafe
Hard Rock Cafe ticket souvenir
Project: Menu Redesign by Chance
Class: Type IV
Professor: Brittyn Dewerth
Date: Spring 2021
  • Full Menu Design
  • 3 Support Items
Design by Chance Parameters:
  • A Cafe
  • 3 PMS Colors
  • Incorporating a Die Cut
  • Large-scale Application
Objective: To create an interesting, interactive design solution for the Hard Rock Cafe’s menu.

Description: Using only 3 PMS colors to create a rock and roll feel, and using typography that pairs well and has vintage character.
Vinyl Record Drink Menu
Kids Menu
Hard Rock Cafe Patch on jean jacket
Hard Rock Cafe lanyard
Hard Rock Cafe coasters
Hard Rock Cafe glass
Hard Rock Cafe neon light